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Why Letting Agents Recommend Red Oak

In providing services to our landlord clients in Ireland we have build relationships with a number of Letting Agents, who impressed by our service, have in turn recommended us to other landlord clients of theirs.

Among the services we provide to landlords that lead us to interact with letting agents are:


Landlord Tax Returns

Red Oak produce tax returns for 100’s of landlords a year.  Experience counts in terms of dealing with complexity and making the process as simple as possible

Letting Agents enjoy dealing with Red Oak as tax agent as we help reduce the amount of time Letting Agents spend dealing with questions relating to income tax, LPT and tax allowable expenses AND in dealing with the fallout of an incorrect or late tax return.


Red Oak as Chargeable Collection Agent

Red Oak offer a service where we can act as Chargeable Collection Agent for non resident landlords.

One of the significant benefits of having a Chargeable Collection Agent in place is that there is no requirement to deduct 20% withholding tax from the rent. 

Also having a Chargeable Collection Agent in place removes the obligation to file Revenue Notifications as obliged otherwise under the NLWT. 


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If you are a letting agent and wish to learn more about our services, contact us on rentalincome@redoak.ie or phone Dalia/John on 05991 29811.

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