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Our Fees

Standard Tax Return Fees for Resident Landlords

Everyone’s situation is different and at Red Oak Rental Income we tailor our service and price to suit your requirements, but for clarity, here is the table with the common pricing options for a standard tax return:

The above indicative pricing structure includes declarations of PAYE income, but please contact us for a quote if you are non-resident; have other incomes (such as dividends, trade incomes, foreign incomes); other live tax heads or capital taxes to declare.

Other pricing options are available for more years or more properties – please contact us for a quote.

Non Resident Landlords 

If you are a non resident landlord, as well as requiring the services of a Tax Agent for Tax Returns, you may also require the services of a Collection Agent.  Please find out more about Collection Agent requirements and the services we offer in this area here.  Collection Agent Services attract an additional fee, please contact us for a quote.

What service do we carry out?

Your dedicated Tax Advisor will manage your full tax return process, including:

    • Generate a completed Form 11 or Form 12 tax return
    • Ensure that all possible tax credits and deduction options are availed of
    • File your Income tax return to Revenue, including Preliminary tax returns.
    • We provide you with a copy of all correspondence submitted to Revenue on your behalf
    • We submit on your behalf required income tax and preliminary tax payments
    • We don’t look at your taxes as a once a year event – we are available year round for any questions you have relating to your personal taxes.

Building a relationship with you

Managing your tax return obligations is the start of a relationship that we hope lasts many years.  We highly recommend an initial conversation to discuss your situation and to help build that relationship.  To arrange:

Need a quote for a service?
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